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Journal I, 

Raul J. Guerra
106 Pages

Journal II, 

Raul J. Guerra
233 Pages

  • The Formation of Family Groups. . .Lineage vs Labels
  • Did Spanish Jews Migrate to Agua Mansa?
  • Colonizing Expedition Members, Abiquiu, Rio Arriba
  • County, NM, to Agua Mansa, San Bernardino County, CA, August - November 1842
  • Pablo Belarde Family
  • Ancestors of the Carrillo Rodriguez Family of Saltillo, Mexico
  • Archdiocese of Morelia - Zamora, Michoacan, Marriages 1622 - 1633
  • Abrego y Gutierrez de Baeza: A Sixteenth Century Spanish Frontier Family
  • The History of the Marranos
  • Archdiocese of Morelia - Zamora, Michoacan, 1632 Padron (Census)
  • Lines of Descent from Don Alfonso XI, Rey de Castilla y Leon Don Ruy Diaz de Mendoza y Arellano
  • Some Land Grants and Sales in and Around Military Plaza of San Antonio, Texas During the Spanish and Mexican Period
  • Spanish & Mexican Records in the Texas General Land Office
  • Marriage Record of Blas de la Garza and Teresa Guerrero
  • Agustin de Iturbide - Emperor of Mexico - Lineage Chart
  • Ancestral Lines of the Hurtado de Mendoza Family
  • Teocaltiche, Jalisco, Mexico, Confirmations (16 May 1634)
  • Monsignor Nuñez: Refugee from Mexico
  • Delinquent Tax Lists, Genealogical Usefulness
  • Land Deeds in Zacatecas and Durango, Including Haciendas of the Zaldivars
  • Sanchez de la Barrera: History and Genealogy of a Northern Family
  • Teocaltiche, Jalisco, Mexico, Confirmations, Part II (June 1648) selected extractions
  • Lista de Varios Conquistadores y Pobladores de Nueva Espana
  • Mendizabal and the Manila Galleon
  • A General History of Southern New Mexico
  • Baptismal and Marriage Records of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves, Nueva Galica, 1586-1592
  • Mexican Foreign Legion - Saint Patrick's Battalion
  • The Jewish Connection for the Cadena and Iribe Lines, Northern Mexico and Southwestern US
  • Epidemics & Infectious Diseases in the New World
  • Zamora, Michoacan, Mexico Marriages (1605-1622, 1638-1846)
  • The Robledos - a Connection between New Mexico and Zamora, Michoacan, Mexico
  • Lozano Line Back to Spain - a Networking Victory
  • A Brief History of Nochistlan and Mexitcacan
  • Meritos de Mis Antepasados - Bachiller Cristobal de Villegas Faxardo
  • Vargas 1693 Recruits, Resettlement, New Mexico 
  • Memorias - House of Mendoza in the Vasquez de Coronado Expedition
  • Hurtado de Mendoza Family Charts


Journal III 

Editor: Raul J. Guerra
207 Pages

Available from SHHAR
$36. Includes S/H

Journal IV 

Mary Lou Montagna
Ophelia Marquez
120 Pages
Available from SHHAR
$30. Includes S/H

  • Sanchez de la Barrera: The History and Genealogy of a Northern Frontier Family (Parts III, IV, V)
  • La Casa Imperial de Occidente Hasta Nuestros Dias - Tres Lineas Descendientes (1582-1994)
  • Locality Analysis Reference Works for Hispanic Countries
  • The Family of Capitán Don Alberto del Canto - Founder of Saltillo
  • Zamora, Michoacan, Mexico - Baptisms (1605-1637) and Extensive Family Genealogies of Zamora and Surrounding Areas
  • The Estudillo Family of Presidio San Diego
  • Teocaltiche, Jalisco, Confirmations (Part III) 6 Jan 1654
  • Padre Amable: Agua Mansa's First Pastor
  • Duque de Alburquerque - Pasaje a Nueva España - Abril 1653
  • The Baptisms of the Second Company of Volante of San Carlos de Parras - Situated at the Town of Alamo, Coahuila, Mexico
  • The Basques - From the Pyrenees of France and Spain to Orange County, California 1860-1890
  • The Paternal Ancestry of Don Alonso de Estrada, Tesorero y Gobemador de Nueva España, and the Revised Genealogy of the Sosa Albornoz Family
  • Is There a Oaxaca-Nueva Vizcaya Connection?
  • Those Remarkable Alvarado Sisters
  • Documentos Relacionados con Hidalguias, Limpiezas de Sangre y Filiaciones en General an el Archive Historico Municipal de Leon, Guanajuato
  • Rodriguez: Identifying Early Families in Central Mexico
  • Matrimonies en la Catedral de Monterrey
    (Elizondo, Flores, de la Garra, Gonzalez, Gutierrez, Lozano, Sepulveda, Trevino, Villarreal and Other Surnames)
  • 1574 Founding List of Zamora, Michoacan With Some Family Genealogies
  • 1580 Petition by Franciscans to Become Curas and Administrators of the Villa of Zamora, Michoacan, With Many Family Genealogies
  • The Genealogy of Juan Montanez and His Descendants in Aguascalientes, Jalisco, San Luis Potosi, and Zacatecas


Journal V 

Editor: Steven F. Hernandez
261 pages
Available from SHHAR
$40. Includes S/H

  • Bernardo de Gálvez
  • Some Periods in the Life of Bernardo de Gálvez
  • Blasones y Apellidos: Gálvez
  • Lasting Legacy of Insurgent General Pedro Moreno de Ortega y González de Hermosillo: A Biographical, Historical, and Genealogical Study
  • Archivo de la Parroquia del Carmen y Abasolo, Nuevo León: Confirmaciones, 1893
  • Alonso de Robalcaba
  • Michoacán: A Struggle for Identity
  • Los Hernández Gamiño: Breve Resena de una Familia Alteña
  • Descendants of Diego Rendón and María Valverde
  • El Origen de Tres Genercas Alteños en una Solicitud de Órdenes del Siglo XVII
  • Basic Foundations of Significant Families of Mexico: Tello de Orozco





Patriots Series by Granville W. and N.C. Hough

Series of studies developed as a cooperative effort to identify soldiers who served Spain after Spain joined the War against England.  Dr. Hough, retired military and a member of the Sons of the American Revolution believes descendants of Spanish soldiers who served during that time period should qualify for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution.  Tables of Contents below.

Towards that goal, the Houghs have produced an outstanding series which include the following:  
Spain's Patriots of California 
       Part 1
       Part 2
Spain's Patriots of Arizona
Spain's Patriots of New Mexico
Spain's Patriots of Texas
Spain's Patriots of Louisiana
Spanish, French, Dutch, and American Patriots of the West Indies 
Spain's Patriots of Northwestern New Spain

The following information from each of the Spain's Patriots' tables of contents will help the researcher in selecting the book of most possible interest and family value.

Spain's California Patriots During Spain's 
1779-1783 War with England, 
by Granville W. and N.C. Hough
Spain's California Patriots During Spain's 
1779-1783 War with England, 
by Granville W. and N.C. Hough

California, Part I

157 Pages              

California, Part II

188 Pages
eries, listings of soldiers.

  • Hispanic Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War (convincing chapter members), pages 1-8
  • Sons of the American Revolution, page 9
  • SAR Seeks Descendants of Spanish Soldiers or Sailors who served During the Revolutionary War (determining eligible ancestors) pages 10-15
  • Ten References for Spanish soldiers of 1779-1783, pages 16-17
  • California During the Revolution (convincing state members),
    pages 18-25
  • Questions and Answers about SARs Acceptance of Descendants of Spanish/Mexican soldiers and Sailors Who Served in California During
    the American Revolution (convincing state and national SAR officers) pages 26-32
  • Spanish Soldier Ancestors of New CSSAR Members (accepted member ancestors) pages 33-35
  • California Naval Patriots (seeking ancestors) pages 36-39
  • A. The Yuma Massacre (the explanation of what it was). 
  • B. SAR seeks Descendants of Yuma Massacre of 1781 (seeking descendants) pages 40-46
  • California's Donations to 1779-1783 War with England (seeking donors),pages 47-50
  • Retired Soldiers Developed the Ranchos, pages 51-57
  • California's time Line, 1779-1783, pages 58-61
  • References for Spanish Soldiers and Sailors of 1779-1783 (specific), pages 62-90
  • References for Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) Applicants with California Hispanic soldier/Sailor Ancestry (general), pages 91-121
  • How to Use the Work of Dr. Adam C. Derkum, pages 122-153
  • Epilogue, page 154
  • Subject Index, page 155
  • Came/Stayed, California, 1769-1774, pages 1-6
  • Came/Stayed, California, 1774-1780, pages 7-15
  • Came/Stayed in California, 1780-1790, pages 16-26
  • Came/Stayed in California, 1790-1800, pages 27-39
         Franciscan Missionaries in 1790, page 40
         Franciscan Missionaries in 1790-1800, pg 40-41
         Settlers, 1790-1800, pages 42-43
         Catalonian Volunteers, Nootka,1789-1792, pg44  
         Catalonian Volunteers with Alberni in California,
              1796-1803, page 45-46
         Soldiers who Joined, 1790-1800 (not including
              most Catalonian Volunteers),  pages 47-50
         Settlers at Villa de Branciforte, pages 51-56
  • Where Patriots Served, 1779-1783, pages 57-67
         San Diego Presidio
         Monterey Presidio
         San Francisco Presidio of 1782
         Santa Barbara Presidio Founding Garrison
         Loreto Presidio
         Yuma Participants
         Other Patriots at Missions and Pueblos
  • Sons-in-Law of Spanish Patriots of California, pages 75-78
  • Other Presidios of the Spanish Borderlands, pages 79-81
  • Early California Family References on Microfilm, pages 82-85
        Northrop's California Collection
        Temple's translation selected Mission Records
        Translated Mission Records
        Temple's Genealogical Tables
  • Mutnick's California Families (Anza Expedition Descendants),     pages 90-123
  • Mutnick's California Families (Descendants of 1781 expeditions),     pages 124-154
  • Questions and Answers, pages 155-161
  • Additions to California Naval Patriots, Chapter VIII, Part 1,       pages 162-167
  • Additions/Corrections to Part 1, Chapter XIII, Specific References,      pages 168-181
  • Additional California References to those in Chapter XIV, Part 1,  pages 182-185
  • Subject Index for Part 2, pages 186-187
Spain's Arizona Patriots During Spain's 
1779-1783 War with England, 
by Granville W. Hough and N.C. Hough
Spain's New Mexico Patriots During Spain's 1779-1783 War with England, 
by Granville W. Hough and N.C. Hough
Study 3 166 pages Study 4 182 pages
  • Preface
  • Why Patriotic Organizations Should Accept Descendants of Spanish/Mexican Soldiers Who Served in the Spanish Borderlands During the American Revolution, pages 1 to 8
  • The Spanish Borderlands During the Era of Spain's 1779-1783 War with England, pages 9-17
    Provincias Internas
    Pueblos and Ranchos
  • The Arizona/Sonora Time Line and Activities
    Anza Expeditions, 1774-75
    Tucson Presidio Established, 1775-76
    Terrenate Presidio in Arizona
    Spain Declares War on Englands
    The Yuma Mission Settlements
    War with Seri Indians
    Requests for Donations
    Moqui Expedition
    Trade routs for New Mexico
    Rivera's Expeditions
    Yuma Massacre, 1781
    Yuma Campaign
    Tucson Presidio Fight
    Yuma Campaign, 1782
    Apache Attacks
    End of War with England
    Navajo-Apache Relationships
    Apache Campaign
    Tubac Presidio Re-established
  • Yuma Participants, page 24
  • Exploring Trade routes for New Mexico, page 30
  • Arizona Contributions to the War fund, page 34
  • Settlers and Land Owners, page 36
  • Pimería Alta, 1779-1783, page 42
    Arizona Patriots and Near-Patriots, pages 42 to 64
    Other Patriots and Near-Patriots of Primeria Alta, pages 65 - 72
  • Other Borderland Soldiers & Citizens Supporting Arizona, pages 73 to 86
  • References for Descendants, pages 148 to 161
  • Epilogue, page 162
  • Appendix, pages 163-164
  • Subject Index, page 165
  • Preface
  • Governor Anza's New Mexico Indian Campaigns, page 5
  • New Mexico Time Line and Activities
    Anza Appointed Governor
    Reorganized New Mexico Defenses
    Campaign against Comanches
    Home Defenses Tested
    War with England
    Campaign to Moqui Country
    Exploring Trade Route to Sonora
    Impact of Yuma Massacre
    New Mexico Contributions to War Fund
    New Mexico Economy
    Work with Utes
    Work with Navajos
    Apache Campaigns
    End of War with England
    Exploring Trade Routes to Texas and Louisiana
    El Paso
  • Exploring Trade Routes for New Mexico, page 8
  • New Mexico donations, War Fund & Other Contributions, page 11
  • New Mexico Settlers and Militia, page 13
  • New Mexico Patriots During Spain's 1779-1783 War with England, pages 15 to 180, separate listings:
    New Mexico Enlistment and Officer Records
    1790 Census of the Presidio of Santa Fe
    New Mexico Priests who were Patriots of Near Patriots
    Other Patriots and Near Patriots of New Mexico
    El Paso Area Patriots and Near Patriots, 1779-1783
  • New Mexico References, page 181
  • Subject Index, page 182


Spain's Texas Patriots During Spain's 
1779-1783 War with England
by Granville W. and N.C. Hough

Spain's Louisiana Patriots During Spain's 
1779-1783 War with England, 
by Granville W. and N.C. Hough

Study 5

176 pages

Study 6

198 pages 

  • Preface
  • Texas Time Line and Activities
        Geography and History
        Activities Common to All Areas,
    pages 1-6
    Regulations1772,Realigning  Presidios
              Provincias Internas
              Indian Wars
              Southwestern Drought
             War with England
             Public Prayers for Success in War
             Militia Service
             Donations to the War Fund
             End of War with England
             War Hero Became Viceroy of New Spain
    1775-1790 in the El Paso del Norte area
       1775-1790 in Nueva Vizcaya/Chihuahua
       1775-1790 in Coahuila
       1775-1790 in Nuevo Santander
              1775 Horse and Mule Drive to New Mexico
       1775-1790 in Las Nuevas Filipinas/Tejas
    Governorship of Ripperda
              Villa de Bucareli, the Failed Colony
              Nacogdoches, Return to East texas
              La Bahía
              El Fuerte del Cibolo (Buffalo Fort)
              San Santonio, the New Capitol
              Proposal for a Texas Port
              English Encroachments Coast and East Texas
              Exploration, Athanase de Mézieres
              Governorship by Domingo Cabello
              Texas Beef for Louisiana Armies
              Trade routes with Neighbors
  • Missions, Priests, land, and Prayers for Victory in Texas, pages 7-14
        Activities Common to all Areas
        Prayers and Beef
        The El Paso del Norte area included
        Border Areas Nueva Vizcaya/Chihuahua included
        Border Areas of Coahuila included
        Border Areas of  Nuevo Leon included
        Border Areas of Nuevo Santander/Tamaulipas
        The Spanish Province of Texas area included
        Other Priests involved in Borderlands
  • Beef for Spanish Armies from Texas Ranches During Spain's 1779-1783 War with England, pages 15-18
        Ranches,El Paso del Norte to Ojinaga (Presidio)
        Ranches near the Presidio Rio Grande/Coahuila
        Ranches, Lower Rio Grande/Nuevo Santander
        Ranches of Tejas (Spanish Texas)
        Wartime Beef to Louisiana
        Listing Drovers (Patriots and Near Patriots)
  • Militia Service in Texas During Spain's 1779-1893 War with England, pages 19-20
        Militia Service
        Militia Operations in Texas
  • Texas Donations to the War Fund to Defeat England, pages 23-24
        Call for Donations
        Record of Contributors and Contributions
  • Texas Patriots and Near Patriots, 1779-1783, 
     pages 25-166
        West Texas (El Paso del Norte to Eagle Pass)
        Patriots and Near Patriots
              1779-1783 Records for El Paso
              Census of 1784
              Census of 1787
              Censuses of 1788 and 1790
              Downriver from el Paso del Norte
              Military records, 1790-1800
              Alphabetical Listing
        South Texas (Lower Rio Grande) Patriots/Near
               Patriots 1779-1783
              Alphabetical Listing
        Texas Civilian Patriots/Near Patriots, 1779-1783
                Summary of wartime censuses
               Alphabetical Listing
        Texas Soldier Patriots/Near Patriots at Béxar
                Presidio, 1779-1783
               Alphabetical Listing
        Texas Soldier Patriots/Near Patriots at La Bahía
              Alphabetical Listing
  • Epilogue, page 167
  • References for Descendants of Spanish Soldiers and Other Patriots Who Served in Texas and Bordering Provinces of Mexico during Spain's 1779-1783 War with England, pages 168
  • Appendix A. Declaration of War Against England by King Carlos III, pages 168
  • Subject Index, page 176
  • Preface
  • Introduction Overview
  • Louisiana Time Line
  • Participating Groups in the War Activities
  • Summary
  • Clandestine Aid
  • Recruiting Canary Islanders
  • Baton Rouge Campaign
  • Mobile Campaign
  • Battle of St. Louis
  • Pensacola Campaign
  • Natchez Uprising
  • Mississippi river Activities
  • Texas Drovers
  • Gálvez' later Campaigns
  • Miscellaneous Maritime Activities
  • Louisiana Patriots and Near Patriots
    References precede the alphabetical listing, pages 15 to 189
  • Kentucky Patriots - Captives to Canada, 190
  • References for Descendants of those who served or worked with Spanish Forces in Louisiana and the West Indies during Spain's 1776-1783 conflict with England, pages 193 to 1977
  • Subject Index, page 198


Spanish, French, Dutch, and American Patriots of the West Indies 
During the American Revolution,  
by Granville S. Hough and N.C. Hough
Spain's Patriots of Northwestern New Spain from South of the U.S. Border it its 1779-1783 War with England 
During the American Revolution,  
by Granville S. Hough and N.C. Hough
Study 7,   178 pages Study 8 180 pages
  • Preface
  • Introduction Overview
    Theatres of Operation during the American Revolution
    Geography of the West Indies
    Peoples of the West Indies
    Immediate History before the American Revolution
    Early Activities, West Indies during American Revolution
    Wartime Hostilities in the West Indies
  • West Indies Time Line
    West Indies Groups Participating in the War Activities
    Clandestine Aid
    New Providence Expedition of 1776
    Recruiting Canary Islanders
    France Enters the War
    Beginning French Naval and Land Actions of the West Indies
    Spain Enters the War
    Baton Rouge Campaign
    Siege of Savannah, Georgia
    Mobil Campaign
    French and Spanish Operations in the West Indies
    (from Savannah to Yorktown)
    Spanish Expedition to America
    British Invasions of Central America
    French Expeditionary Force to America under Rochambeau
    Dutch Participation in the War
    Pensacola Campaign
    Naval Engagement of Admiral de Grasse and British Admiral Hood
    Naval Battles of Chesapeake Bay and Yorktown
    Battle of St. Kitts and Nevis
    Naval Battle of Les Saintes, off Dominica
    Galvez' Later Campaigns
    Louisiana Governor's Correspondence
    Privateering Operations in the West Indies
    Indian Ocean Activities
    Notes on French Operations
    Miscellaneous Ships in Other Maritime Operations
    Swedish Participation with the French
  • West Indies Patriots and Near Patriots, 1771-1783
    References and alphabetical listing, pages 32-137
  • Epilogue
  • References for Descendants of those who served in the West Indies during the American Revolution, pages 169-177 
    Ten most useful References
    Unit and Patriot References
    Other Reference Reviewed, but not used for naming patriots
    References for future research - Spanish participation
    References for future research - French participation
    References for future research - Dutch participation
    References, future research - American participation
  • Subject Index  page 178
  • Preface
  • Introduction Overview
  • Time Line and Activities
    Reinforcing California - the Anza Expeditions
    Provincias Internas Established
    Clandestine Aid to Americans
    Great Southwestern Drought
    Spain Declares War on England
    Naval support shifted to Manila
    King Carlos' Request for Donativo
    Trouble at the Yuma Mission Settlements
    War with Seri Indians
    Yuma Massacre
    Yuma Campaigns
    Trade Routes for New Mexico
    Smallpox Epidemic
    Apache Attacks
    Comanche Attacks
    Establishing Flying Companies
    Reinforcing Militia Units
    End of War with England
    Subsequent Activities of Soldier and Sailor Veterans
  • Military and Naval Units and Installations of Northwestern New Spain - South of the Border
    Provincias Internas
    Army Units under the Viceroy
    Naval Units under control of the Viceroy
    Missions of Northwestern New Spain
    Other Spanish Installations of Northwestern New Spain
  • Patriots & Near Patriots
    The listing of patriots is alphabetical, pages 13 to 163
  • Epilogue  164
  • Sources  165-179
  • Subject Index  180



Hispanic Heritage Project, BERNAL Bookstore in Escondido California

The Hispanic Heritage Project's Bernal bookstore specializes in Spanish books for children, Spanish general interest books, and English and Spanish books on the Spanish colonial period. It also has rare and out of print books on the latter subject. The bookstore also has an outstanding collection of books on the codices of Mesoamerica.

Available for reference is a modest collection of Spanish colonial reference materials, the unpublished Nueva Guia to the Hidalgo del Parral Archive, as well a work in progress list of the testamentos found in that archive.

The Bernal bookstore, gallery and research center is located at 136 North Kalmia in downtown Escondido, California.

For additional information, please call the center between the hours of 2:00PM and 5:30PM, Tuesday through Saturday: (760) 233-1656

To order books: Hispanic Heritage Project 1350 Morning View Drive, #184, Escondido, California 92606 -- 
Contact: cyturralde@aol.com

John P. Schmal and Donna S. Morales.

A welcome addition to the sparse literature for beginners in Hispanic genealogy. The authors bring a new resource into the public eye and provide the everyday American with a practical guide for locating Mexican ancestors.

The guide is illustrated with many actual documents from the family files of Ms. Morales during her search for her ancestral roots. The utilization of information from birth and death certificates, newspaper obituaries, naturalization records, alien registration forms, and funeral records are discussed. Church and civil records are also reviewed along with many helpful hints on starting and organizing data.

This publication can be purchased through Borderland Books. Our Links page shows you how to navigate to their site.


© 1986, SHHAR: Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research All Rights Reserved.